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Finally I was able to take some holidays in late august.

One week visiting friends before getting back to school in early september. And starting my new job in september 5th.

To be honest, I had one week of holidays in July. But it was for the FOSS4G-Eu 2017, as an organizer, so it was not really relaxing (but so enriching). I should make a blog post about that.

So since I’m visiting friends, I might not be able to work as much as I want. But I’ll try to work on the book R et Espace and to read other books to.

I’m still working on a small project to use pandoc and xelatex in a docker container. The docker container is ready from 2 weeks ago, but I have trouble to set bash aliases/functions in place of the usual commands.

The other side project is to have a full writing workflow from markdown to article / report. I started to build some templates, then I encounters Bookdown from Yuhui “Yuhuidown” Xie. It produces a static website, a pdf and an ebook from a collection of Rmakdown files. It also provides a better management of the bibliography and inner links than pandoc. I tried it out and was really amazed. I now have to transpose my templates, find a way to used my docker image and eventually define a complete workflow in gitlab.

I also have to put this website online, for people to read it !

Posts are taking shapes, I could definetly post them online and update them later.

I should also look for a way to correct the post in my editor (Rstudio).

See you,