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This page gather ressources I published. 2019-2020 Cours OSGeo : course handout on OSGeo and Free and Libre Software for Geomatic (FOSS4G), in French. 2019-2020 Introduction à PyQGIS 2019-2020 Introduction à la manipulation de données géospatiales avec R 2019-06-28 Meetup Raddict on geospatial data in R, slides in French.


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This is the first part of a series of blog post regarding a project I did with 2 master degree colleagues. The main entry to this series is here. Today, we will discuss the problematic, the data and the variables selection from those data in respect of the problematic. Althought it is not really technical post, it provides some context and elements do someone who wants to redo the analysis.


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Hello, the project that I was talking about earlier is finally over. But it tooks me (and my colleagues) so much time to do that I wasn’t able to post about it. Anyway, the project website is online and can be seen there: Ok, it is in French but, first, it is for a French diploma in a French university, so… And second, I’ll make translations of the posts here.