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Last week, I came across this blog post from Yihui-down called save() vs saveRDS(). It was issued after a response from Jenny Bryan on Twitter. So when more experimented people like them advise to use a tool, it is for a reason. So I decided to give it a try. Not to compare save() and saveRDS, but saveRDS to write_csv(). This is not a complete review as I lack the knowledge, but a short intro to something I found very useful.

French Urban Population growth between 2010 and 2014

Studying French population using PostGIS


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French Urban Population growth between 2010 and 2014 map

Hi all ! Sorry this map is in French but it was a school assessment, so… French it is. Disclaimer: You might encounter a lot of french words and links to french webpages. You are warned. The main goal was to work wih PostgreSQL and PostGIS on census data. Franc had around 36 000 communes which is the smallest administrative unit. Since it is too small to represent on a map, we worked on the Unités Urbaines1.


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I add to resize an OSGeoLive virtual machine because after a couple postgresql workshops with quite big datasets (less than 1 GB each but still), the default size was not enough. So I followed the instructions from here (in French): Please note that,by default, OSGeoLive cames into a vmdk file so you need to convert it to a VDI to increase the volume size. If you already use a VDI file, not need to do that step.