1 minute read

This page gather ressources I published. 2019-2020 Cours OSGeo : course handout on OSGeo and Free and Libre Software for Geomatic (FOSS4G), in French. 2019-2020 Introduction à PyQGIS 2019-2020 Introduction à la manipulation de données géospatiales avec R 2019-06-28 Meetup Raddict on geospatial data in R, slides in French.


8 minute read

Recently, I wanted to create a blogpost about simple mapping in R. It required some data (a shapefile), some spatial librairies and the R packages to use thoses libraries. Unfortunatly, the blogdown image that I was using at that time didn’t provided any of that. It was the generic one provided by the Blogdown guide. First reaction was to make a rendered html file. But the build was still cancelled and the html file was not deployed.


2 minute read

I add to resize an OSGeoLive virtual machine because after a couple postgresql workshops with quite big datasets (less than 1 GB each but still), the default size was not enough. So I followed the instructions from here (in French): Please note that,by default, OSGeoLive cames into a vmdk file so you need to convert it to a VDI to increase the volume size. If you already use a VDI file, not need to do that step.