“I do open source because it this only right way to do software. But at the same time, I’d use the best tool for the job […].” - Linus Torvalds on Git 1

This website is the personnal website of Nicolas Roelandt. He is former land surveyor, get a bachelor degree in GIS and he is currently in secon year of a master degree in GIS.

He likes Python and starting to like R more every day. He is involved in several open sources projects like OSGeo live and he is member of the OSGeo French Chapter. As an active member, he participated to the organization of the FOSS4G-fr 2016 and FOSS4G-Eu 2017.

So his posts will be mostly talking about GIS and free software related subjects (like PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Docker, Ubuntu…).

You can find him on:

All documents on this site are licenced in CC BY-SA.

Please note that english is not the primary language of the author and that mistakes and ommissions can be made. So please be nice and signal them to the author.

This website is build with the blogdown package. The theme “Future Imperfect” was forked from the version of Patrick Collins @pacollins/hugo-future-imperfect and modified to work with gitlab-ci.